If you’re like most folks, the pandemic has thrown you for a loop.

You may have kids you now need to homeschool (like I do)…

You may have had to cancel a vacation…

You may have even lost your job… or had to shut down a business.

The IPO (initial public offering) market has been one more casualty of the pandemic.

With so much stock market volatility… and so much uncertainty over how lockdowns would affect supply chains and profits… IPOs ground to a halt.

But now the clouds are starting to clear.

After plunging as much as 30% in March and April, the tech-heavy Nasdaq is now up 18% in 2020. And companies that hit pause on their plans are starting to feel out the potential of an IPO again.

Last month, marketing company ZoomInfo (ZI) became the largest tech IPO of 2020.

The stock was priced at $21 a share. But it opened at more than $41. Over the next month, it rose to a high of $53.

This is bullish for other tech companies that IPO this year. But as I’ll show you today, the niche tech sector I’m most excited about is biotech.

Although most folks don’t understand what’s going on yet, the biotech sector is entering what I call an “accelerated phase” of drug discovery… and profits.

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Accelerated Discovery

Biotech companies are the innovation engines that feed into the big pharmaceutical companies.

Using breakthrough tech such as gene editing, they pursue novel, innovative approaches to everything from diagnostics to drug discovery.

Consider just one example – an early stage biotech firm out of Vancouver, Canada, called AbCellera.

In March, it did something many people had thought was impossible.

It took blood samples from patients who had recovered from COVID-19. It used artificial intelligence (AI) to screen more than 5 million immune cells in the samples. And it identified about 500 antibodies that helped the patients fight off the virus.

These antibodies could be the key to treating COVID-19.

And AbCellera used this as a starting point to create an antibody therapy that could potentially cure the disease.

Historically, this process would have taken years to accomplish. It took AbCellera 11 days.

By harnessing advances in machine learning – a form of AI that excels at pattern recognition – AbCellera and other bleeding-edge biotech companies are accelerating the process of drug discovery.

This compresses the time and money it takes to bring a therapeutic target from an idea to FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) approval.

Get in on the Ground Floor

Most of the biotech companies that IPO are still in the early stages of product development.

This allows you to get in on the ground floor as an investor.

These companies are working on therapies that take years to develop… test… and get FDA approval.

To fund this lengthy process, they must go public early. This ensures they have enough money to reach the finish line.

And for folks who bought the right companies when they went public, the gains have been impressive.

A good example is Moderna (MRNA). It’s a biotech company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And it’s using synthetic biology – basically, the reengineering of biological systems – to find a cure for COVID-19.

Moderna went public in December 2018. Since then, its shares are up 342%.

Crypto-Like Gains

As I mentioned up top, we’re seeing accelerating innovation in the biotech sector.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic has made the world wake up to the potential of biotechnology.

Every venture capitalist and private equity house has realized how powerful these technologies are and how quickly biotech can move. We’re going to see an acceleration in biotech investment, early stage companies, and IPOs as a result.

As a tech investor, you need to pay attention. The profits that will flow from these IPOs will be breathtaking.

Think of it this way…

In early 2017, cryptocurrencies were mostly unknown, niche assets. But then the cryptocurrency space went on an unprecedented bull run. And bitcoin – the world’s most popular cryptocurrency – rose over 2,000% that year.

As COVID-19 grinds on… and biotech innovations grab more headlines… investors’ awareness of and engagement in early stage biotech companies will rival that of the last crypto bull market.

But unlike cryptocurrencies – many of which were backed by nothing – early stage biotech is supported by very real, world-changing technology.

We are at the start of a biotech bull market that will last years… if not decades. Breakthroughs will continue to come thick and fast. Diseases we previously thought uncurable – including maybe COVID-19 – will be cured.

And yes, fortunes will be made.

Even better, hardly anybody is paying attention to a small, niche subsector of the biotech market.

Thanks to the federal government, stocks in this subsector have a preset “timer” attached to their share prices. Once that timer hits zero, the stocks can skyrocket.

In the past few weeks alone, 179 of these “timed stocks” have soared.

The peak gain was an incredible 84,900%. In a single day.

Gains like this are not normal, I know. And if you’re skeptical, I understand.

That’s why I invite you to learn more about “timed stocks”…

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Jeff Brown
Editor, Early Stage Trader