It’s a varied landscape with amazing casinos, up-and-coming art galleries, first-rate concerts, and luxury shopping…

With a focus on personal freedom and cutting-edge technological innovation…

Easily reached from just about anywhere in the world…

And every day, more and more people – especially young people – are visiting for work, play, education, or all the above.

By 2025, it could be one of the 20 most valuable economies on the planet… bigger than Israel and Ireland combined.

Jensen Huang, chipmaker NVIDIA’s CEO, thinks it’s “going to be a new economy that is larger than our current economy.”

And Mark Zuckerberg says he’d like to move his entire company to this place as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, other forward-thinking entrepreneurs and investors are quickly snapping up its trophy assets at a frenzied pace.

Yesterday, I gave you CryptoPunks as a prime example.

Because this place isn’t a city, state, or country.

In fact, it’s not a physical location at all.

It’s called the “metaverse,” and it’s where many trends and technologies are all starting to intersect.

Take the power of the internet…

Plus the mobility of smartphones and similar devices…

And add in virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Now, start layering in all the new possibilities of the blockchain – Daily editor Teeka Tiwari’s No. 1 trend of the decade.

The metaverse is where all of these things merge together.

The Next Big Megatrend Is Closer That You Might Think

As I touched on previously, the virtual world of the metaverse sounds like science fiction… but it’s already forming intimate connections to our real world.

And some of our daily activities contain shades of a metaverse future.

For example, some of us have online-only “friends” through a social media platform – people we haven’t met in person but who feel familiar.

That idea of a real personal connection without physical contact is laying the groundwork for the metaverse’s virtual world where people meet, interact, and have fulfilling relationships as avatars of their real-life selves.

But the metaverse is much more than just an enhanced Zoom call…

With a virtual reality headset, you’ll get a full 3D panoramic view of the place you’re in… and hear everything going on around you as if you’re in the room…

And through haptic devices – mechanical interfaces that provide physical feedback, like the touchscreen on your smartphone vibrating against your fingers – it will even be possible to “feel” a virtual handshake or hug.

Some people have likened it to teleporting into and out of digital spaces, with completely realistic interactions.

In other words, you’ll be able to go anywhere and do just about anything from the comfort of an armchair and feel like it’s actually happening.

Meanwhile, the information conveyed by our mobile devices will also get more and more integrated with our real-world surroundings…

With the advent of 5G networks, individual data bandwidth will skyrocket. So, it will be possible to experience much richer digitally enhanced worlds as you travel through real, physical spaces.

During one of its conferences, Adobe put together a great conceptual video of what that might look like. In the video, a person wearing a pair of smart glasses navigates her day while receiving a constant array of enhanced information about her surroundings. You can click here to see it for yourself.

For companies, the commercial possibilities will be endless.

Imagine being able to alert someone to a sale in your store as they walk by on their way to work…

Letting them browse your inventory virtually…

Buy the item in a blockchain-driven transaction…

And have the item waiting on their doorstep by the time they get home that evening.

Look, even if much of this still sounds abstract, it makes sense to get involved immediately – especially after what we’ve seen during past technological breakthroughs.

A Simple Way to Start Investing in the Metaverse

Bloomberg Intelligence projects the metaverse market to reach $800 billion by 2024… nearly a trillion dollars in just three years.

That’s the definition of a massive trend. And as I’ve pointed out above, we’re still in its very early stages.

Yesterday, I told you how I personally bought into a CryptoPunk NFT and how it’s possible to start doing the same through fractional investing platforms like Rally.

But NFTs are highly speculative, and merely signs pointing us to the coming importance of the metaverse.

Some of the biggest – and most accessible – profits will come from investing in companies that dominate this new space.

Many of them are in their startup phases. In fact, we’re so early that some of the dominant players in this space may not have been born yet.

But if you want immediate exposure to this trend, consider Big Tech players like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Roblox. Companies like this will lay the groundwork for the intersection between virtual and real economies.

And if you want broader exposure, consider the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF (META). It holds 50 globally-listed companies – like Tencent, Microsoft, and Roblox – actively involved in the metaverse.

Remember, if this idea of the metaverse is new to you, that’s a good thing. It’s still off the mainstream radar, so you have a chance to get in before the masses.

Best wishes,

Nilus Mattive
Analyst, Palm Beach Daily