Lockheed Martin’s $4.4 billion purchase of Aerojet Rocketdyne is the clear signal that many space stock investors have been seeking for decades.

It means the American space sector is about to take center stage. Something it hasn’t done since the Moon race of the late 1960s.

And with top Wall Street firms like Bank of America predicting the space industry will soar from around $400 billion to $1.4 trillion by the end of the decade… savvy investors see this as one of the hottest sectors of the 2020s.

One award-winning investor and long-time space industry watcher is foremost among them. In a recent presentation about investment opportunities in the space sector , he said:

This is the industry that is going to define the next … not just the next decade … but the next several decades.

When people look back on this period, I think they’ll see THIS was the industry to invest in.

These are the developments that people will look back on and say: “I wish I bought! I wish I got into the space sector.”

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of people today say: “I wish I bought Apple, or Microsoft, or Amazon during the tech boom!” I bet some of you have said it, too.

Well, that’s what we’re looking at with space. This is that crucial moment.

When contacted for comment about the Lockheed/Aerojet transaction, he said the following:

Lockheed is already the third largest aerospace firm in the U.S. But it is adding Aerojet to make its footprint in space even bigger.

We’re talking about a $4-plus billion investment by one of the most important companies in America. That’s not the kind of thing you do unless you’re absolutely convinced it’s the right move. And I truly believe it was.

Now all that remains is to see how quickly Main Street investors catch onto the tremendous opportunity with America’s best of breed space stocks.

The acquisition is expected to close during the second half of 2021, subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions, including regulatory approvals and approval by Aerojet Rocketdyne’s stockholders.


James Wells
Managing Partner

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