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The world has spent the last three decades focused on globalization. We built global supply chains, often making decisions based on the lowest cost of

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What’s Can We Expect From Gold and Bitcoin This Month?

It’s going to be a Happy New Year for gold, and a tough month for bitcoin. That may seem like an odd statement at first.

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How to Take Advantage of This “Flash Sale” on Tech Stocks

I agree with Jeff Brown: Technology is one of the best places to invest for the near and far future. That’s why I often focus


The Easiest Way to Trade Biden’s Controversial Energy Policy

Joe Biden has lost his mind. During the 2020 election campaign, then candidate Biden promised to cut back on oil and gas drilling. Not only


One Easy Way to Ride This $130 Trillion Trend Higher

How do new industries start? Through visionaries seeing a trend or problem to be solved… Creating a company… and being well-connected or lucky enough to