Last week, Apple became the first publicly traded company in history to reach a $2 trillion market cap.

If Apple were a country, it would rank No. 8 in the world… eclipsing the GDPs of Australia, Canada, Italy, and Russia.

Now, I recommended Apple back in 2003, when it was just $7 billion. And people thought I was crazy then.

After all, even founder Steve Jobs was selling shares of his own company.

But I saw the big picture.

The iPod was wildly popular among Mac users. And when Apple announced it’d make the device easily compatible with PCs – which had many more users – I knew it would be a global hit.

Today, Apple is the largest U.S. company by market cap at $2.1 trillion. And if you had invested just $1,000 when I recommended shares in 2003… they’d be worth roughly $338,300 today.

The lesson from Apple is if you want to make life-changing gains from a tiny investment… you have to invest when the value is not apparent to most people. That’s the only way I know of making huge money from tiny money.

The thing is, buying into an idea when everyone is telling you that you’re crazy isn’t an easy thing to do. I’ve been ostracized many times for my “outside the box” ideas.

Growing up in the U.K. foster system led to me always feeling like an outsider… So going against the herd is a familiar feeling for me.

But I recognize for most people, it’s very difficult.

That’s a long lead-in to let you know: I’m looking at an opportunity right now you probably won’t like… But it’s one that can make you 900% gains with minimal effort.

So if that’s interesting to you, please read on…

Bigger Than Apple?

Here’s why I’m telling you about Apple…

Today, bitcoin’s total market cap is about $200 billion. That’s one-tenth the size of Apple. But I believe it’ll exceed Apple’s market cap in the coming years.

That would make each bitcoin worth $120,000 – a roughly 900% gain from today.

Look, I’m not throwing out numbers just to throw out numbers. This is based on years of research.

To get to $2 trillion, bitcoin will need to see a wave of mass adoption. And here’s why I think we’re in the early stages of a mass adoption event…

The biggest group supporting bitcoin is one I previously dismissed: millennials.

Like most of the investment community, I underestimated this generation. But that was a huge mistake.

You see, millennials (ages 24–41) aren’t the basement-dwelling, parental leeches the media likes to portray them as.

In fact, nearly 1 in 4 has saved $100,000 or more.

That’s because the average millennial started saving for retirement at the age of 24. Compare that to baby boomers… who didn’t start saving until 31.

Innovations like auto-enroll 401(k) options from employers and easy-to-use smartphone apps have made saving and investing much easier for them.

The millennial generation isn’t like their parents or grandparents… who struggled to adopt digital technology. They were born in the computer age… and grew up with tech literally in the palms of their hands.

Digital currency makes as much sense to them as physical dollar bills do to us. They don’t even question it.

Adding to that… they’re set to inherit $68 trillion over the next decade from their grandparents’ generation, according to a report by Coldwell Banker Group.

It’s the largest transfer of wealth in history. And in my opinion, a lot of that money is going to find its way into digital assets like bitcoin.

If just 10% of that $68 trillion goes into bitcoin (nearly $7 trillion)… its market cap would go up 30x from here.

That makes my estimate of a $2 trillion market cap sound conservative.

Low Risk, High Reward

In July, I told Daily readers bitcoin had been range-bound for months. But once it broke $10,000, it’d race higher.

And that’s exactly what we saw happen. After bitcoin broke $10,000, it didn’t take long to shoot above $12,000. And eventually, I can see bitcoin reaching a multitrillion-dollar market cap.

Now, I’m not going to paint myself into a corner and say when.

I made that mistake with Apple back in 2003. And when it didn’t happen when I said it would… many of my clients sold their shares in frustration and disgust.

What I came to realize was the key isn’t so much nailing the exact day something will happen. The key is to nail the inevitability of the move happening.

Had I told my clients, “Look, over the next three years, Apple’s stock price will explode higher when Wall Street realizes how big the iPod will be…” I would’ve had much happier clients.

Exact timing is less important when the scale of the move higher is so large. So who cares if something takes one year or three years?

If the inevitable result makes you life-changing money from a tiny investment you’d never miss from your checking account… you likely won’t.

So I’m not going to paint myself into a corner on bitcoin. What I will say is this: Bitcoin’s growth into a multitrillion-dollar asset will happen a lot sooner than most people realize.

And when it does, you’ll see other cryptocurrencies go up with it and reach $2 trillion and multitrillion-dollar market caps, too – just like Microsoft, Amazon, and others will follow Apple.

Think of it like this…

If I’d told you in 2003 that Apple would be worth more than the GDP of Canada… you’d have called me insane. Yet, that’s where we are today. And it’s where we’ll soon see bitcoin.

The future is never easy to predict. Again, I can’t tell you the date bitcoin’s market cap will hit $2 trillion.

But thanks to thousands of hours of research and three decades as an investing professional… I can see the massive trend ahead of us.

Friends, this is a no-brainer. Just a tiny stake in bitcoin could easily 10x. In fact, some of the smaller coins I recommended to my paying subscribers at Palm Beach Confidential have already gone up 20x in the last nine months.

Some of those small names may eventually rise as much as 100,000% or more. That turns a $1,000 investment into $1 million. That’s the opportunity in front of us right now.

Please hear me when I tell you: This window of opportunity won’t last forever.

Once bitcoin sees mass adoption, you’ll never have the chance to turn a small grubstake into a fortune again. The time to act is now.

Let the Game Come to You!

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Daily

P.S. As I mentioned above, we’ll see bitcoin – and crypto – adoption skyrocket over the coming months. And I believe it’ll spark a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

But spurred by the technology underlying crypto, called blockchain, I believe something even bigger will happen. We’re about to see the biggest wealth and power shift in U.S. history.

Those who take the right steps now could fantastically grow their wealth… Those who don’t will be left behind.

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