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Abraham Lincoln was a visionary. He’s still the only American president with a patent. And in 1861, he used a newfound technology to change the


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$1 trillion… That’s how much so-called FAAMG stocks lost in value over the second half of last week. The FAAMGs are the five biggest U.S.


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Apple’s share price is now cheaper than one of its iPhones. If you follow the news, you know it did a 4-to-1 “stock split” on


Technology Stocks Are Fueling the Market’s Rally Higher

Despite the uncertainty with COVID-19, the market is hitting all-time highs. As of writing, it’s 2.6% higher than its pre-crash level recorded on February 19,

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This Technology Is the #1 Investment of the Decade

So far, 2020 has been a series of unrelenting shocks. An impeachment… A deadly pandemic… Peaceful protests…Violent riots… And a steep stock market crash. It’s


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Today, 5G (fifth-generation) technology is set for its rollout phase. Or so we’re being told… Apple and Samsung timed their new phone launches around it.