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This Is a Bullish Sign for the Crypto Rally to Continue

Bitcoin related stocks have been slowly grinding higher over the past few weeks. This action has shifted the charts of many of these stocks from bearish to bullish.


Why I Think the Experts Are Wrong About the U.S. Dollar

The dollar is setting up for a rally. That’s not the popular opinion, of course… Just about every discussion of the dollar on any of


Two Unique Ways to Play the Market’s Bullish Turn

Have you ever felt like your investments are holding you hostage? I’ve had this feeling, especially recently. You see, I devote my time to identifying

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The easiest way to play to the COVID-fueled boom in biotech

Little did we know it, but in December 2019, society would change forever… No one would’ve guessed that a pandemic was on its way. After


Two Ways to Profit as 5G Transforms this Billion-Dollar Industry

A key technology is about to transform a billion-dollar market. That’s the video gaming industry. Right now, it’s dominated by clunky equipment that costs hundreds

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How We Posted Average Returns of 343% Per Year the Last Five Years

Many people are skeptical of the financial publishing industry… It’s not hard to understand why… After all, we do occasionally make what some may consider


Buy Into “Blank Check Companies” Before You Run Out of Time

Over the past month, we’ve seen plenty of volatility in crypto and the broader markets. The crypto market lost about $1 trillion in market cap


The Best ETF to Profit from the World’s Electric Vehicle Revolution

Last week, Ford announced the arrival of its electric pickup truck, the F-150 Lightning. Compared with other models, like Tesla’s Cybertruck – which looks like


This Easy Trading Strategy Delivers Gains As High As 5,297%

“Buy the best stocks – then, pretend you’re dead.” I recently wrote a report for a close friend who’s also a multibillion-dollar asset manager. He


The Best ETF Play to Take Advantage of Bitcoin’s Next Big Change

For five years now, I’ve probably talked about crypto halvings more than anyone in the newsletter business. And thanks to those halvings, I’ve arguably helped