This Is One of the Only “Value” Plays in the Market Right Now

The biotech sector is one of the only “value” plays in the market right now. It’s crazy, I know. Biotech stocks are super volatile. They’re


How to Make 106% By Investing in One of the World’s Newest Sports

Imagine a sporting event with thousands of live spectators… millions of online viewers… and a global market nearing $1 billion. It’s not football… soccer… or


Cannabis ETF Up 74% Since Election… More Gains to Come

On March 31, New York fully legalized cannabis use for state residents 21 and over, effective immediately. It’s something we’ve been predicting for months. Faced


Just Like Birds, Stocks Head South in Groups… Here’s Why

When the weather cools, birds migrate for winter. Look up and you’ll see them flying south. I love that flying-V overhead. We don’t really know


This Is How You Get a 91% Win-Rate Investing in Stocks

Imagine your child feels sick… You measure their temperature with a touchless thermometer. The first reading says 99.2 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a little high, so


Could We Be Looking at Another Nasty 30% Selloff?

The last part of February is likely to look like the last part of January. That’s bearish. You remember January, don’t you? That was when

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An Investing Strategy that Beats the Pants Off Dividends

You’ve probably never heard about Ronald Read. But you likely want to be like him. He served in the United States Army, raised two children

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Do This to Protect Your Savings From a Rocky 2021

Let’s flash back to this time last year, and imagine you had $10,000 invested in the stock market. The market was doing well, the S&P


This Unusual Category of IPOs Is Set to Boom in 2021

Last January, Teeka Tiwari predicted a market shift he said would rival the $62 billion tech boom we saw in the 1990s. That’s when big-name tech

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Follow This 8-Asset Allocation Model to Move Your Wealth Needle

Today I’ll show you the secret behind our asset allocation model – and why it’s the best way I know to move the needle on