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What’s Can We Expect From Gold and Bitcoin This Month?

It’s going to be a Happy New Year for gold, and a tough month for bitcoin. That may seem like an odd statement at first.


Gold Is Gearing Up for a Big Move Over the Next Two Months

Gold exploded higher last weeks. The shiny yellow metal started Thursday’s session trading at $1,867 per ounce – well above the neckline of the inverse


Gold Stocks Will Be a Good Play When This Happens…

The recent gold stock buy signal is off to a good start. The Bullish Percent Index for the gold sector (BPGDM) generated a buy signal two


Gold Prices Moved 30% the Last Time This Happened

The Bullish Percent Index for the gold sector (BPGDM) just triggered one of the strongest gold stock buy signals in four years. The BPGDM generates only one


Thanks to the Fed, Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy This ETF

If you’ve kept up with us this month, you’ll know we’ve followed a theme… …That September is the worst month for the stock market. And


One of Our Top Ideas for the Market’s Worst Month of the Year

How are you feeling? Or, to be precise… How is your portfolio feeling? After all, it’s September. Historically, this is the worst month of the


Gold Is Setting Up for a Big Move, Thanks to the Fed

Last week, Wall Street was watching the Fed. On August 27, the country’s arguably most powerful financial institution provided the market with a clue as


This Is Why Every Investor Should Buy Into Gold Right Now

Despite feeling good in the short term, chasing prices rarely ends well… Today, I wanted to go over two examples that drive this point home.


Gold Prices Are Gearing Up for a Big Move and Here’s Why

It’s like the final scene out of a typical horror movie… The hero is standing over the lifeless body of the villain. All of us

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How We Posted Average Returns of 343% Per Year the Last Five Years

Many people are skeptical of the financial publishing industry… It’s not hard to understand why… After all, we do occasionally make what some may consider