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The U.S. Dollar Is Crashing… Here’s What It Means

What the dollar decline giveth, a dollar rally can taketh away. The dollar has fallen more than 7% over the past three months. That’s an


Here’s Why the Blockchain Is Better Than the Internet

Every 25 years or so, a new technology comes along that’s so disruptive, it completely shakes up the business world… This new tech makes some


Blockchain Will Create Hundreds of Thousands of Main Street Millionaires

As colleague and world-renowned crypto investor Teeka Tiwari lays out in this video he recorded from his home in Puerto Rico, there’s a lot to worry


We’re About To See the Biggest Shift of Wealth & Power in U.S. History

2020 will go down as one of the most life-altering years in American history. COVID-19 has turned the world we once knew upside down… We’ve

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This Technology Is the #1 Investment of the Decade

So far, 2020 has been a series of unrelenting shocks. An impeachment… A deadly pandemic… Peaceful protests…Violent riots… And a steep stock market crash. It’s


Gold and Stocks Are Getting Beat By Bitcoin This Year

Today’s crypto market reminds me of 1995 in the internet space… Back then, there was a similar fervor with individual investors. It was the first

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Two Investments That Will Benefit Most From a Falling Dollar

What is money really worth if you can print an endless supply of it? I asked my readers that question in the March 30 edition


It’s Time to Wake Up and Realize That Bitcoin Is Still Cheap

In 2003, I started recommending Apple to my retail clients. It was a parting gift right before I left to start my own hedge fund.


The Smart Money Is Buying Crypto… And More Is Coming

Two major movements are happening in the crypto space… First, the smart money is moving into crypto. And second, investment professionals are leaving traditional finance


Now Is the Time to Prepare for Crypto’s Latest Craze

In 2014, an e-commerce company called Jet launched with the goal of competing with online shopping behemoth Amazon. Whereas Amazon focused on fast, free shipping…