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China Just Handed U.S. Investors a Huge Gift

The U.S. banning crypto would be the stupidest crackdown since the prohibition of alcohol… And that the move would be a severe blow to the


Six Reasons to Buy Bitcoin That The Mainstream Isn’t Covering

If I could point to one example that today’s crypto market reminds me of… it would be October 1987, when Microsoft was trading for a

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How to Ride the Bitcoin Rally Without Buying a Single Crypto

It looks like bitcoin has had a revival lately as it topped $50K on Monday. Now, I’m not a buy-and-forget investor because I have no


It’s Finally the Right Time To Begin Investing In This Space

In early August, the U.S. Senate passed its $1 trillion infrastructure bill, which included spending for public transport, airports, roadways, bridges, water and sewer infrastructure,

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Chinese Regulation Will Send This U.S. ETF Soaring Higher

It’s been one of the biggest cryptos stories of the year. And one I want you to completely disregard. I’m talking about China’s crusade against


How to Profit From the Next Evolution of the Internet

“It’s a fraud.” Those were the famous words from JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon. The time: September 2017, at the Barclays Global Financial Services Conference. Dimon,

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This Is a Bullish Sign for the Crypto Rally to Continue

Bitcoin related stocks have been slowly grinding higher over the past few weeks. This action has shifted the charts of many of these stocks from bearish to bullish.


The Biggest Mistake an Investor Can Make Right Now…

There’s a tremendous amount of fear in the cryptocurrency market right now… Since reaching its all-time of high of $64,863 in April, bitcoin is down


Here’s How to Get Bitcoin Without Paying a Penny For It

I remember finding a handful of coins in the change slot of an old pay phone like it was yesterday. Except that $2.80 “jackpot” occurred

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How We Posted Average Returns of 343% Per Year the Last Five Years

Many people are skeptical of the financial publishing industry… It’s not hard to understand why… After all, we do occasionally make what some may consider