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Four Investment Ideas for Everyone on Your “Nice” List

While it may come naturally to some, finding the perfect holiday gifts can be daunting… Add in coronavirus uncertainty and

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Your Bond Holdings May Not Be As Bulletproof As Advertised

Here we go again… an investment that calls itself safe… but actually isn’t. We’ve been here before. In 2008, mortgage-backed

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One of the Market’s Best Warning Bells Just Went “Clang Clang”

Over the past month, while the S&P 500 has been steadily grinding higher and recording a string of new all-time


Don’t Even Think About Buying Treasurys Until You Read This

The Treasury bond market has moved from one extreme condition to the other. The last time we looked at Treasury

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How We Posted Average Returns of 343% Per Year the Last Five Years

Many people are skeptical of the financial publishing industry… It’s not hard to understand why… After all, we do occasionally

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Follow This 8-Asset Allocation Model to Move Your Wealth Needle

Today I’ll show you the secret behind our asset allocation model – and why it’s the best way I know

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The U.S. Dollar Is Crashing… Here’s What It Means

What the dollar decline giveth, a dollar rally can taketh away. The dollar has fallen more than 7% over the


Why You Should Bet on Lower Bond Prices

On Monday, the Fed announced it’s buying everything. Sell it your Treasury Bonds. Sell it your mortgage debt. Sell it


The T-Bond Bubble Has Popped and Treasuries Are Headed Lower From Here

We might be seeing the top of the Treasury bond market. Long-term U.S. Treasury bond prices spiked sharply higher on