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Want Crypto Exposure Without Buying Coins? Try This ETF

The oil industry is dead, and there’s no reviving it… In April 2020, the U.S. was in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. States


The Biggest Mistake an Investor Can Make Right Now…

There’s a tremendous amount of fear in the cryptocurrency market right now… Since reaching its all-time of high of $64,863 in April, bitcoin is down


The Best ETF Play to Take Advantage of Bitcoin’s Next Big Change

For five years now, I’ve probably talked about crypto halvings more than anyone in the newsletter business. And thanks to those halvings, I’ve arguably helped


“This Guy Saved My Financial Life”

If you’ve been watching the crypto markets the past few days, it’s been rough going… Since hitting their all-time highs, bitcoin is down 33%, and


This Crypto Will Surpass Bitcoin as the Most Valuable in the World

On March 31, I made what’s probably the second-biggest call of my life… I said another cryptocurrency would surpass bitcoin as the most valuable in


Read This If You Want to Know How Bitcoin Hits $50,000…

Since 2016, I’ve been fighting a long battle to educate everyone about the value of bitcoin. Over that time, I’ve had my reputation impugned… been


The Bitcoin Boom Is Almost Done… Now What’s Next?

Bitcoin… It’s everywhere. It seems every investor in the world can’t get enough… But where were they when I was pounding the table on bitcoin

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Follow This 8-Asset Allocation Model to Move Your Wealth Needle

Today I’ll show you the secret behind our asset allocation model – and why it’s the best way I know to move the needle on


Janet Yellen Couldn’t Be More Wrong About Cryptocurrencies

Since I started writing about cryptocurrencies in 2016, I told anyone who followed me on this trend to buckle up… that it’d be a wild,


The Best Investment of the Last Decade… and the Next

Many people don’t know this… but bitcoin is the best-performing asset class in 8 out of the past 10 years. Since its March lows, bitcoin