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It’s Time to Buy Into the Sector that Could Be 2022’s Top Performer

It’s enough to test anyone’s resolve. September is over. Historically, it’s the worst month of the year for stocks. Stocks, measured by the S&P 500,


Thanks to the Fed, Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy This ETF

If you’ve kept up with us this month, you’ll know we’ve followed a theme… …That September is the worst month for the stock market. And


One of Our Top Ideas for the Market’s Worst Month of the Year

How are you feeling? Or, to be precise… How is your portfolio feeling? After all, it’s September. Historically, this is the worst month of the


The Ongoing Microchip Shortage Could Mean Big Profits for One ETF

In recent weeks, we’ve spent a lot of time on the economic impact of the microchip shortage. We’ve looked at the impact on the auto