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Why You Should Bet on Lower Bond Prices

On Monday, the Fed announced it’s buying everything. Sell it your Treasury Bonds. Sell it your mortgage debt. Sell it your corporate bonds. Heck… sell


Get Ready for a Snap Back Rally in Stocks

Last week, the Volatility Index (VIX) triggered its fourth buy signal in three weeks. The first three signals failed miserably. But, I’m betting this fourth one sticks.


The Market Has NEVER Been This Oversold… So Get Ready for a Bounce

You sure don’t see this every day… Earlier this week, the Bullish Percent Index (BPI) for the S&P 500 (BPSPX) dropped to 1. That is the most


Don’t Let Fear Cause You to Miss a Historic Buying Opportunity

There isn’t any sort of instruction manual for dealing with what’s happening in the financial market right now. The action is unprecedented. We’ve never seen


The T-Bond Bubble Has Popped and Treasuries Are Headed Lower From Here

We might be seeing the top of the Treasury bond market. Long-term U.S. Treasury bond prices spiked sharply higher on Monday as panicked investors dumped


Top Trader Shows Why Market Is Almost Ready to Stop Dropping

The market has now entered the third leg of the correction phase. Traders should get ready to buy. On Wednesday, we took a look at