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Gold Prices Are Gearing Up for a Big Move and Here’s Why

It’s like the final scene out of a typical horror movie… The hero is standing over the lifeless body of the villain. All of us


Don’t Even Think About Buying Treasurys Until You Read This

The Treasury bond market has moved from one extreme condition to the other. The last time we looked at Treasury bonds was back in March. Back

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This Is a Bullish Sign for the Crypto Rally to Continue

Bitcoin related stocks have been slowly grinding higher over the past few weeks. This action has shifted the charts of many of these stocks from bearish to bullish.


The Charts Say This Overbought ETF Is Prime for a Pullback

Now is not the time to be buying oil stocks. In fact, if history is any sort of a guide, aggressive traders might look to


Why I Think the Experts Are Wrong About the U.S. Dollar

The dollar is setting up for a rally. That’s not the popular opinion, of course… Just about every discussion of the dollar on any of


A Post-Memorial Day Trade for Every Investor’s Portfolio

It’s time to bet against oil. That sounds crazy… I know. After all, the economy is opening back up. People are traveling again. Demand for


Here’s How to Pay Gold, Silver, and the Dollar Over the Next Few Months

The dollar is setting up for a short-term bounce. That won’t change the longer-term trajectory for the buck… Which is clearly bearish. But, if you’re trading


A Very Unpopular Opinion About “The King of Cryptocurrencies”

Bitcoin will trade at $30,000 before it ever trades at $100,000. That’s an unpopular opinion. Just about everybody is bullish on bitcoin. Folks with a lot more


This Is One of the Only “Value” Plays in the Market Right Now

The biotech sector is one of the only “value” plays in the market right now. It’s crazy, I know. Biotech stocks are super volatile. They’re


It’s Not Too Late to Get in on the Great Gold Stock Rally of 2021

Gold stocks are ready to run, again. The great gold stock rally of 2021 started about one month ago. The VanEck Vectors Gold Miners Fund (GDX) was