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This Buy Signal Has a 73% Success Rate… And It Just Flashed Green

2022 is starting off as a tough year for investors. As of Tuesday, the Dow is down 2.7%… The S&P 500 is down 4%… And

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What’s Can We Expect From Gold and Bitcoin This Month?

It’s going to be a Happy New Year for gold, and a tough month for bitcoin. That may seem like an odd statement at first.


Is Yesterday’s Energy Rally the Real Deal or a Fake Schpeel?

Energy stocks got slammed down hard on Friday. The Energy Select Sector Fund (XLE) lost nearly 4% – which is a huge one day move


This One Signal Tells Us When to Buy or Sell Pot Stocks

The “Year of the Stoner” is starting early. Six weeks ago, we looked at the cannabis sector and suggested the stocks were “remarkably cheap.” The industry itself


Gold Is Gearing Up for a Big Move Over the Next Two Months

Gold exploded higher last weeks. The shiny yellow metal started Thursday’s session trading at $1,867 per ounce – well above the neckline of the inverse


An Easy Way to Make This Choppy Market Pad Your Portfolio

It seems that volatility is being mispriced. I say this because the Volatility Index (VIX) closed Tuesday at 16. That’s near its lowest level for 2021. It’s down about


Gold Stocks Will Be a Good Play When This Happens…

The recent gold stock buy signal is off to a good start. The Bullish Percent Index for the gold sector (BPGDM) generated a buy signal two


Gold Prices Moved 30% the Last Time This Happened

The Bullish Percent Index for the gold sector (BPGDM) just triggered one of the strongest gold stock buy signals in four years. The BPGDM generates only one


Don’t Jump on the Oil Bandwagon Until You Read This

“You have to buy the oil stocks,” a financial television talking head proclaimed yesterday… “They’re under-owned, and the price of crude oil is headed higher.”


This Trade Is Crazy… But It Could Be a Big Win For Gutsy Traders

As we begin to head into the holiday season, I want to look at a sector that often makes a lot of upside moves during