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A Very Unpopular Opinion About “The King of Cryptocurrencies”

Bitcoin will trade at $30,000 before it ever trades at $100,000. That’s an unpopular opinion. Just about everybody is bullish on bitcoin. Folks with a lot more


This Is One of the Only “Value” Plays in the Market Right Now

The biotech sector is one of the only “value” plays in the market right now. It’s crazy, I know. Biotech stocks are super volatile. They’re


It’s Not Too Late to Get in on the Great Gold Stock Rally of 2021

Gold stocks are ready to run, again. The great gold stock rally of 2021 started about one month ago. The VanEck Vectors Gold Miners Fund (GDX) was


TRADE ALERT: A Short-Term Bet for the Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is just seven weeks away. And you know what that means… Gas prices are going higher. It’s the annual gouging of the


Don’t Miss Gold’s “Catch-Up” Rally… It Already Started

True… The metal only gained $35 an ounce. It just made it back up to where it was two months ago. And, it’s still down


Here’s Why Gold Stocks Are the Only Bargains Left in the Market

Gold stocks may be the only cheap sector left in the stock market. All of last year’s other lagging sectors have played catch up. Energy


Why’s Gold’s Ugly Performance in 2021 Is a Good Thing

Gold has missed the 2021 momentum rally. Just about every other asset is powering higher. The S&P 500 is up almost 7% so far… Junk


Could We Be Looking at Another Nasty 30% Selloff?

The last part of February is likely to look like the last part of January. That’s bearish. You remember January, don’t you? That was when


It’s Time to Bet Against the Trend on This One Commodity

It’s time to take the other side of the oil trade. The price of the gooey black stuff closed at $55.69 per barrel last Wednesday.


How to Avoid the Worst Mistake in Options Trading

Trading illiquid options is a lot like trying to win an argument with my wife. At best, I only stand about a 40% chance of