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COVID-19 Is Speeding the Spread of “Superbugs”

“This is an evolutionary fight…” That’s Ken Frazier – chairman and CEO of pharmaceutical giant Merck – on live television back in March. COVID-19 had


Pharmaceutical Supply Is a Critical National Security Risk

The world spent the last three decades focused on globalization… We built global supply chains and prioritized the lowest cost of production. Manufacturing became centralized


A COVID-19 Vaccine Is Much Closer Than You Expect

Last week, I wrote about a study out of the University of Oxford. It estimates that somewhere between 36% and 68% of the British population


This Virus Is What Tech Companies Have Been Waiting For

Suddenly, the world has been forced to change. In the wake of COVID-19, our society has come to a standstill. Nonessential businesses are closed. Entire


Now Is the Perfect Time to Be Buying Stocks

I first noticed it in early January… Reports were coming out of Wuhan, China, that a mystery disease with pneumonia-like symptoms was spreading throughout the


Beware of the Fake News About COVID-19

Days ago, CBS News was caught red-handed trying to manipulate public perception of the pandemic. It was “reporting” on the COVID-19 outbreak in New York


Why Quarantine Is Great for Tech Investors

Numbers coming out confirm what we already knew to be the case… COVID-19 is ushering in a societal change that is slowing down the internet.


Finally, Some Positive Research On Coronavirus

The insights about COVID-19 and its spread published in the past week have been incredible. The increase in data and transparency is allowing us to


The Four Biggest Myths About COVID-19

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) caught the world by surprise… From the earliest case (November 2002 in Foshan, a city in the Guangdong province of

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There’s Positive Progress on Addressing COVID-19

Amid the market chaos, not a day passes that I don’t see positive progress on addressing COVID-19. Pharmaceutical giant Roche Diagnostics is delivering 400,000 swab