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How to Take Advantage of This “Flash Sale” on Tech Stocks

I agree with Jeff Brown: Technology is one of the best places to invest for the near and far future.


Two Unique Ways to Play the Market’s Bullish Turn

Have you ever felt like your investments are holding you hostage? I’ve had this feeling, especially recently. You see, I


This Easy Trading Strategy Delivers Gains As High As 5,297%

“Buy the best stocks – then, pretend you’re dead.” I recently wrote a report for a close friend who’s also


Here’s How You Should Prepare for This Choppy Market

Brace for impact! But while you duck for cover, keep your eyes on the prize… All markets need to correct


This Is How You Get a 91% Win-Rate Investing in Stocks

Imagine your child feels sick… You measure their temperature with a touchless thermometer. The first reading says 99.2 degrees Fahrenheit.


A Wall Street Insider’s Top 10 Market Predictions for 2021

The last time I wrote to you, I gave you a recap of how the big money guided us to profits


Top Market-Timer Calls Next Top AND Bottom for Stocks

The thought of combing through a monstrous spreadsheet of thousands of numbers makes most people queasy… But at the risk


Two Great Trades No Matter What Happens With COVID

The start of this week looked like the end of the road for tech stocks. As Joe Biden was declared


These Four Stocks Will Shine for Years Thanks to the Latest Crypto News

It was impossible to miss the news… On Wednesday, online payments giant PayPal announced it would provide crypto wallets, allow


We’ve Never Seen Stocks Do This Prior to an Election Before

In a 1670 book of English proverbs, John Rays coined, “The early bird catches the worm.” But some 300 years