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As the market rallies from its September lows, one game-changing company has been struggling… This important company is already playing a big role in the


How We’ll Book a Double with This Overlooked Commodities Company

Unlike the market as a whole, the inflation trade is carrying on… Since the lows of the pandemic back in March 2020, investors seem to


The Growth Prospects for This Obscure Sector Are Just Beginning

Macquarie Group is one of the leading banks with their finger on the pulse of the commodity markets through financing, trading, and investment banking operations.


This Is Why Every Investor Should Buy Into Gold Right Now

Despite feeling good in the short term, chasing prices rarely ends well… Today, I wanted to go over two examples that drive this point home.


How to Cash In On Robinhood’s IPO Without Buying the Stock

Robinhood (HOOD)… The popular brokerage traded 175.8 million shares in just one day. It’s up 85% as of Wednesday. Steal from the rich, give to


The Perfect Setup for a Short Bet on This Popular Commodity

The summer heat feels like it’s still going strong. And so far, natural gas has been the best performing commodity over the last three months,


Three Quirky Ways to Profit from the Dollar’s Coming Decline

Back in May, Jeff Clark noticed the greenback was set for a short-term bounce. Jeff pointed out that the dollar was technically oversold. And in early June, I explained


Four Ways to Play the Coming 4X Boom in Agriculture Stocks

An industry that’s set to grow four times larger should not be under the radar. That’s especially true when that industry is at the intersection