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China’s Loss Could Be Our Gain With This One Great Play

Last Friday, I talked about how Chinese property developer Evergrande’s impending bankruptcy was the biggest potential risk to the bull


Look for This ETF to Stage a Breakout During the Coming Holiday Season

I was recently speaking with a good friend who owns a garment factory in Los Angeles. He employs about a

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How to Ride the Bitcoin Rally Without Buying a Single Crypto

It looks like bitcoin has had a revival lately as it topped $50K on Monday. Now, I’m not a buy-and-forget

Commodities Stocks

Two Ways to Play the Escalating Trend in Renewable Energy Stocks

Love him or hate him, most people would agree that Elon Musk is a genius. There’s no getting around the


This Commodity Is Marching Higher… And Here’s How to Play It

Copper is back on the march. It’s rallied 10% since hitting a short-term bottom towards the end of June. At


Reopening Trade Sends One ETF Soaring… And It’s Not Done Yet

The world seems to be returning to normal. And I’m not talking about a “new” normal either… We’re starting to


Looking for An Alternative Way to Play the Commodities Boom?

My wife and I went down to the gun range for Father’s Day. While we were there, I saw something

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The easiest way to play to the COVID-fueled boom in biotech

Little did we know it, but in December 2019, society would change forever… No one would’ve guessed that a pandemic