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These Could Be the Best-Performing Companies of the Year

Disease, epic blizzards, fire… and war. It’s not “Game of Thrones.” It’s real life, in the global semiconductor business right


Your 7-Stock Portfolio Protection Plan

The latest news from the Fed isn’t promising. As expected, it’s going to start raising interest rates. The Fed has


There’s a HUGE Opportunity in Hard Tech Metals Right Now

Here’s a shocking chart. This is the price for nickel, one of the leading hard techs powering electric vehicles (EVs).


Jump Into This Beloved Sector Before It’s Too Late

The long-awaited gold stock rally has finally kicked into gear. Some folks will argue that it took the outbreak of


An Investing Playbook for This Uncertain Environment

You’ll want to print out today’s essay and keep it close by. My team and I conducted a deep-dive analysis


A Picks-and-Shovels Play for the Global 5G Trend

Claude Chappe changed the course of world history. During the French Revolution, France was looking for a better way to


Use the “Race Car” Philosophy to Cash in on the Evolution of Autos

Historically, race cars have had a big impact on the evolution of cars. Nearly everything in modern vehicles – from


“One of the biggest, fastest, and most reliable ways to grow your money”

“Don’t go there. You’ll probably get killed.” That’s what my table of colleagues told me in Medellín, Colombia several years


How to Make Enormous Profits With “Boring” Stocks

You know something’s wrong when even corporate CEOs say their share prices are too high. That’s what happened during the


The Easiest Way to Start Investing in the 5G Revolution

Abraham Lincoln was a visionary. He’s still the only American president with a patent. And in 1861, he used a