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A Trend That Could Be 8X Bigger Than the Internet

Let’s start with a bold prediction: We’re looking at a trend that could be eight times bigger than the internet…


Two Smart ETF Plays As Inflationary Fears Take Hold

In July and August, we talked a lot about inflation… And how it can cost you in lost returns. We


Ford Signals Major Shift With Largest Investment in Its History

This week, Dave Forest pulled back the curtain on a secret of Casey Research’s success… He revealed the “Nine Ps,”


This Is Likely the Best Way to Play Virgin Orbit’s Coming IPO

Another “space IPO” is going to happen soon… Virgin Orbit, a company owned by the UK-born entrepreneur Richard Branson, is


An Interesting Way to Play the Latest Changes in the EV Market

On August 30, Rivian – an electric car company – filed for an initial public offering (IPO)… It shocked some


Gold Is Setting Up for a Big Move, Thanks to the Fed

Last week, Wall Street was watching the Fed. On August 27, the country’s arguably most powerful financial institution provided the


The Two Simplest Ways to Capitalize on Copper’s Future Trend

Copper has been the star performer of the “COVID recovery.” Over the past 12 months, it soared by 50%. Earlier

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Your Bond Holdings May Not Be As Bulletproof As Advertised

Here we go again… an investment that calls itself safe… but actually isn’t. We’ve been here before. In 2008, mortgage-backed


Two Ways to Turn the Market’s Inflation Fears Into Profits

We’re now past peak inflation fear. At least, that’s what mainstream sources are reporting. According to CNBC, a key indicator


A Second Chance to Profit From the Boom in Legal Cannabis

Right now, the cannabis industry in the U.S. is booming. Over the past 12 months, the AdvisorShares Pure U.S. Cannabis exchange-traded